First of all, let’s be honest.  Self-publishing is FREE!

That’s right, no matter what anyone tells you, it costs nothing to upload a book to an online bookstore like Amazon, and become a professional author.  You can order one of your printed books for around $5.00 (depending on the number of pages), and stick it on your living room bookshelf for all to see. An electronic version costs even less; $.99 on Kindle, for example.

But there are two things to consider:

  1. The time it takes. You’re a writer. Do you really want to spend an extraordinary amount of time learning new interfaces and skills that are required to format and upload a book? Or would you rather write your next book? and,
  2. The need to sell that book. Do you want to learn book marketing in the ever-changing landscape of online publishing? Do you really think loading a book onto Amazon will make you an instant bestselling (and rich) author?

At Sunao Publishing, we do all that grunt work for you. The company started out as the vehicle whereby the owner (Robert J. Morrow) could publish his own books. He spent hours and hours learning how to upload, how to manipulate the mechanisms of formatting, and how to ensure his books crept to the #1 position in his chosen category.

Then he spent even more time marketing and promoting his books on myriad websites that offer books to avid readers. He spent time, money, and a good deal of grey matter, choosing the right vehicles to ensure his books continue to sell, day after day, month after month, year after year.

It was clear to him that not everyone could, or would, devote that much time, energy, and money to learning the so-called FREE act of publishing. He also knew that having a publishing company listed on the credits page added legitimacy to what was essentially a one-person show. And so Sunao was born. Sunao is Japanese for “untrapped mind” and that fit with what Mr. Morrow was trying to offer other authors seeking to self-publish. Let the mind of the writer concentrate on writing. And let them pay for someone else to do the formatting, uploading, marketing and promotion. It was a simple premise. And it worked.

As long as the cost wasn’t outrageous, he found that other authors welcomed the assistance. Many became prolific writers and created three to five book series’ very quickly. And with Sunao’s constant promotional activities behind each new book, those authors began to see increased sales quickly and consistently.

Sure, they could have done it all themselves. But how long would it have taken? And let’s face it, most writers aren’t very good marketers. Writers spend their time dreaming up plots, characters, new worlds. Marketers analyze spreadsheets, learn interfaces, integrate algorithms, etc. The two worlds don’t really go hand in hand… though they have to in order for you to become a bestselling author.

If you’re interested in getting help with your book, start at the SERVICES link (or SELF-PUBLISHING 101 if you need more convincing). We offer everything from editing to launches, formatting to ongoing advertising campaigns. You pick and choose which ones you want, and you can add or delete services any time you like. If you prefer to look at PACKAGES, click that link and you’ll see a grouping of services commonly used by authors for a set fee. There are no contracts. Every book is a Sunao Publication, meaning you are part of a legitimate publishing company, not on your own. But the copyright is yours and all the proceeds from the sales of your books are yours. Sunao takes no cut. You pay for the services you want. And you keep all the income once the barrel starts rolling!

It’s a little different to the traditional way of doing things. But we think it’s a fair way to provide a much-needed service to a unique group of people: authors. Today, Sunao Publishing is one of the strongest new entries into the publishing world because of writers just like you.

If you’re interested, go to the CONTACT page and tell us about yourself and your book. (where you are with it and what services you are considering). If we like what we read, we’ll send you an invitation to publish, complete with quote and timelines. No obligation, no pesky salespeople. It’s all done via email. There are no contracts and you can sever our relationship anytime you want (no one has yet).

Go to the SERVICES page to see what we can do for you today. In no time, you could be a legitimate Published Author.