Our various packages are simply a mix of our SERVICES in groupings that make sense for most self-publishing authors. If you’re not sure what each Service is, click the SERVICES link to see detailed descriptions.


This package includes: copy editing, formatting for print and ebook, proofreading, cover design, publication (includes 5 copies to you), author pages, and book launch (includes 25 copies for sale–all proceeds to you).

If you’re unsure of what all those services entail, click on the SERVICES link for explanations. Fees are split 50/50 with 50% due upon receiving manuscript for editing and the remainder upon publication, prior to the book launch.  If you pay upfront, you can apply a 15% discount to the total cost.



This package is the same as package one except you have opted for line editing, which requires more input from us and more revisions from you. See SERVICES for the difference between copy and line editing.



This package includes all of the above (line editing or copy editing) plus six months of ongoing promotion and advertising. See the Ongoing Promotions service under SERVICES for details of what we do during that six months. (If you’re not very good in math, it’s about a $200-$500 savings over requesting services individually. We cannot guarantee that you will become a number one bestselling author… but all of our authors so far have done so!

That doesn’t mean you’ll be rich and famous. But it does mean you get to put that “Bestseller” status on your cover. The rich and famous will come in time.

Payments are $800 upon receiving manuscript for editing, $800 upon publication, prior to book launch, and then $499 per month for six months. If you pay upfront, then the last month of the six month promotion is FREE.

A note on taxes
As a Canadian-based company, we must charge 13% HST on our services. If you are an international customer and can provide us with a form stating that you are exempt, will will accommodate that. Ask about the forms required when you are ready to move forward with your book.